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From farm to table, we sow the seeds, harvest and clean the chia.

Company profile

Agrobeck was founded in 2007 in the state of Jalisco-Mexico, the true home of Chia were it grows natively with the perfect balance of key nutrients. From farm to table, we sow the seeds, harvest and clean the chia before its packaged at our own facilities, ensuring a premium quality that goes into every bag bearing the O3 Chia Premium or Agrobeck name.

We have internal employee assistance programs to promote fair payments for their field labors in our land to keep them in Mexico instead of looking up for risky adventure. We also believe it is important to foster strong values and high standards in sustainable farming along with creating strong ties with local communities.

Grower of selected chia seeds [either packed or in bulk]

Agrobeck is a chia seed company, swift in incorporating corporate and industrial processing needs and requirements.


Agrobeck meets certification standards for NON-GMO, Kosher, microbiological and pesticide tests, along with food safety practices for the industry.


Grown and harvested specifically for human consumption.


Agrobeck develops its labels based on nutrition content observed from several chemical analyses performed throughout 7 years. We have learned the process of growing and selecting qualified chia seeds.


From the beginning, Agrobeck has always advocated a capacity above all others - the ability to create (solutions, agreements, strategies, products).

Create a range of products and ways of working that others want to imitate.

Agrobeck believes in the potential of people (internal and external) and are given the confidence to make things happen.

Leadership and Accountability

Creating value through creativity comes with a flexible but emphatic leadership. Driving, giving and receiving such liability allows us to manage what worked yesterday, and prepares us to plan and execute changes. Shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers believe in the company.

Ultimately, our success is measured by our ability to plan what is difficult while it is still easy, make it big while it is still small, through strict management of resources.

The value of this scheme is how we translate our own work ethic and how we extend our team, our sister companies, and our business partners.

Generating value

Our business has a reason to exist - We seek to grow our operation and useful products. There is only one way to get there. Generating value.


Agrobeck always been conducted with integrity and values.

The way that we adhere to them form the spirit of Agrobeck , reflecting the energy and dynamism of a solid company since its inception to effectively and efficiently manage change through business development.

This articulates the Code of Conduct, which leads us to operate the business with integrity. Words must be a commitment to believe and work Agrobeck. These are our words and our values ​​in our own voice.