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From farm to table, we sow the seeds, harvest and clean the chia.

We have our own fields and


agrobeck produces the cleanest Chia Seed available on the market, just for you.

Its ready to use in a resealable bag, with a long shelf life. No cleaning or preparation required. Just add a teaspoon to what ever your are eating or drinking, and already your doing great things for your body.

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300g Chia bag

Our 300g bag is one month supply of the cleanest chía. It is recommended to add 2 tablespoons to your daily diet.

Chia Oil capsules

100% vegetable chía oil extracted from Mexican grown chia under strict hygiene and production standards.

Your source of Omega 3 fatty acids with no fish aftertaste!

25g Minibag

The O3 Chía Premium Minibag is your daily dose of chia for people on the go.

Ready to be added to your salad, water bottle or anything you want to add the goodness of chia.

Looking for your
own chia brand?

We can develop your Private Label Chía solution and products.

How does our program work?

It is simple. We will develop your own line of chia products, resulting in the creation of your own Chia brand.

A private label program can increase your profits by offering a variety of Chia seed products to your customers, all while promoting a brand that is exclusively yours.

Why promote someone else’s brand when
you can promote your own?

We offer:
  • Small batch production
  • In-house label design and printing
  • Simple email ordering
  • Quick order turn-around
  • Full-service program support
  • 7 years of private label program experience
  • Certified product line
  • Gluten-free products
  • All natural products
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Your own label
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