our land and more

From farm to table, we sow the seeds, harvest and clean the chia.

Our land

Dedicated solely to agriculture for maximizing yields (kg/ha) and conscious and measured agrochemical, fertilizer use, and rest of the land for the recovery of nutrients in the soil, and food safety.

Our people

Farmworkers who receive decent and fair payment for their multifunctional tasks (from land preparation until the permitting process in government). For over 20 years have worked the land and built their home within our facilities, granted social security, and fostered good paying job to scare the latent and risky temptation to “cross” the border for sleep American.

Our assets

From masks, backpacks spray until production equipment and wineries are owned by Agrobeck. The assets acquired new, enter a control plan and preventive maintenance to ensure the safety of who operates.

Our people

Chia seeds O3 Premium have a strict quality control, from the time they are grown, harvested, cleaned and packed to ensure only the best seeds to your table. We know that you care about the health of his family and we want the benefits of chia come to your home without the risk of getting diseases from eating chia dirty.

The harvest of our chia goes through a thorough process cleaning for 2 months

where all kinds of foreign matter to the seeds are removed as: earth, sticks , grass, eggs of insects, dust, other seeds and small stones.

Our chia, just the packaged before being passed Called By A thermal sanitization process in chia That Exposes Excessive and sudden heat wave DELETE Purpose Microbes Bacteria and bring them to the UN Security level and fit For Human Consumption .